Hair Clay. Why? ...Why not? by PEAKMODE - PEAKMODE

Hair Clay. Why? ...Why not? by PEAKMODE

Hair Clay. Why? ...Why not? by PEAKMODE

When it comes to styling your hair, there are countless products on the market that promise optimal results. However, one particular type of styling product that consistently stands out is hair clay. In this entry, we'll explore the benefits of using hair clay and delve into the versatility and effectiveness of our Firm Clay, a premium handcrafted product.

As of right now, we also produce Resolute Clay and another soon-to-be-launched option. For the purposes of the below, we define a Hair Clay as a product used for hair styling purposes consisting largely of clay. 

Why use a Hair Clay?
Hair clay is a versatile styling product that has gained immense popularity among all genders because of its ability to provide a natural and textured look. Well, that is usually the intention behind formulating a hair clay but reality is, it can be far more versatile.

Here are some reasons why a hair clay such as our Firm Clay, is a fantastic option for your hairstyling needs:

Textured and Matte Finish: The unique formula of Firm Clay adds texture and depth to your hair, giving it a natural and effortless appearance. It provides a matte finish, perfect for those who prefer a more understated and sophisticated look.

Added Volume: If you're looking to add volume to your hair, Firm Clay is your go-to product. It helps lift and thicken your hair, making it ideal for creating versatile hairstyles with ample body and texture.

Versatility: From messy, textured styles to more polished and suave looks, hair clay offers versatility in styling options. Firm Clay by PEAKMODE is designed to cater to a wide range of hairstyles, making it suitable for all hair types and lengths. It will behave slightly different depending on the moisture content of your hair and so you can achieve different results on damp hair vs. dry or why not try it with your favourite grooming tonic.

How to Use Firm Clay 
To make the most of Firm Clay, here are some suggested steps to follow:

Prep and Dry: Begin with clean, dry hair. It's best to towel-dry your hair slightly, leaving it slightly damp for convenient styling. If you prefer more hold, try it on completely dry hair, or even on top of a grooming tonic/oil. 

Take a Small Amount: Start with a small amount of Firm Clay (about a pea-sized dollop) and warm it between your palms to soften it. Emulsify between your palms, this is a good rule of thumb with any hair/cosmetic product to just ensure it is uniform for even distribution. 

Apply and Distribute: Evenly apply the clay to your hair, starting from the roots and working your way to the ends. Make sure to distribute it thoroughly, ensuring all strands are coated. Even distribution is key. 

Style as Desired: Use your fingertips or a comb/brush to create your desired hairstyle. Experiment with different techniques to achieve either a messy, textured look or a more refined and structured style. This product also contains fixatives that can be reactivated easily with a damp comb/brush or fingertips if required throughout the dry for easy restyling.  

Hairstyles for Every Occasion
Here are some popular hairstyles that can be achieved using our Firm Clay (depending on your hair type):

Textured Quiff: Create a modern twist on the classic quiff by applying Firm Clay and using your fingers to tousle and shape your hair for a textured, voluminous look.

Messy Side Part: Add a touch of rugged charm to your style by applying Firm Clay, then use a comb to create a deep side part. Leave some strands loose for a casually disheveled appearance.

Casual Pompadour: For a sleek yet relaxed pompadour, apply Firm Clay and use a comb to push your hair upward and backward. Ensure the front section is lifted and styled to create a subtle pomp effect.

Plus many more!  As you can guess, there are countless uses and styles possible with our Firm Clay, these are just some common ones. 

Our other options in this space

Resolute Clay is another hair clay that we produce. The idea behind this one is to provide similar benefits to the Firm Clay but being more resistant to water and providing slightly more hold. It will not wash out simply with water (like our other options) and that is by design. It is however not an 'oil base product' consider it somewhere between water-based and oil based. 

Another PEAKMODE clay is very close to release and was created to provide those clay benefits above but without any fixatives, more nourishment for your hair, very easy wash out and is aimed more at looser hair styles. 


When it comes to hairstyling, choosing the right product can make all the difference. Firm Clay by PEAKMODE offers a myriad of benefits, including a good hold, textured finish, added volume, and versatility. If the idea of a hair clay interests you, why not give one of ours a go? 

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